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[Sticky] Council Building usage catagories

The Twins
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When we moved into Unit A nothing was said to us regarding usage of the premises.
Two weeks ago we received a letter from Leicester City Council telling us we were in breach of planning control as the premises we occupied were catagorised as B2 (general Industrial) and in their eyes should be recatagorised as D1 (Museum). This would involve seeking planning approval from the Council at our cost.
After ringing a number of times (and not getting through) and eventually writing back explaining what we do, I received a call from one of the council officers requesting a site visit.
Today I met with the officer and showed him round every nook and cranny of RCM and he came to the decision that we can continue as we are with the catagory currently at B2 as we have more storage than anything else. He took afew photos to back up his decision but said that if we ever found ourselves in the position of opening regularly more that 3/4 days a week then we would definately have to apply for a change of usage.
He was very impressed with what he saw and plans to return on a Sunday!
Needless to say Andy was relieved when I told him the news.

Topic starter Posted : 10/08/2016 3:58 pm
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Brilliant news!!!!

But, as I expected (well hoped for), due to how we the layout of RCM is 🙂


Virtually Real

Posted : 10/08/2016 4:18 pm
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Excellent result 🙂

Posted : 10/08/2016 5:19 pm
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Great news, would never of even considered the usage of the building !!

Posted : 11/08/2016 12:36 pm