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This is for planning and information for the move ... and also moving forward with our plans.


Develop and maintain plan for move, to include:

Rota for identified work - Setup and ongoing
Paint Floor in Main Unit R? - N/R
Paint Walls in Main Unit R? - N/R
Paint Walls in Office Unit R (Once windows done)? N/R
General clean if required - Yes, definitely
Fire extinguishers required? - Yes, definitely
Order stacking plastic storage bins for cables / PSU / etc. - In progress and ongoing

Clear top of workshop B12, kit and boarding. - Done
Move Stairs from Unit B12 - Done
Remove workshop ceiling/walls/electrics etc from Unit B12. - Electrics done

Erect Racking in Unit R when possible - In progress and ongoing
Identify items to be sold / scrapped in Unit B - In progress and ongoing
Controlled move of items from Unit B to unit R - In progress and ongoing
Maintain asset records as part of move - In progress and ongoing

Fix mounting points to walls to secure shelves? - In progress and ongoing

Design and agree in advance a floor plan of Unit R, allocating the position of the following items :-
- All the shelves alphabetic by manufacturer
Consider leaving enough space between shelves for a rolling warehouse ladder to get around. E.g. This will be especially needed when we run out of space in the future and the shelves are made taller or just replaced - Not practical at all - nowhere near enough space?
- Leave (some) space between manufacturers for new donations - In progress and Ongoing
- Stairwell to mezzanine - Done
- Storage of timber from dismantled Unit B12 workshop
- Arcade cabinets
- Mountain of monitors, or will all monitors to be shelved? Cubs could still be stacked high
- DesignJet large inkjet printers (will need power and computer to drive them) - In progress and ongoing
- Punch card reader table
- Chairs - Put on mezzanine above the toilet area, along with the window from Unit A?
- Andy Collins machine

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