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Latest addition - Star Wars!!!

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It's been ages since I added anything new, but couldn't resist this project. Picked up 9 months ago as a bit of a beater, the only thing in good condition was the side art.

Was faulty, had monitor collapse,  no sound, a broken controller and an unpleasant smell. The discovery of a mouse nest in the coinbox was a nice touch, thankfully no corpses included, just a whole lot of damage from the resistdents.

Some before shots....

All metal work sandblasted, replated, or sanded back to bare metal and re-painted

All the PCBs were refurbished, the amplifone monitor scrubbed and rebuilt. The old dag coating was trashed, so I scraped off the 10% that was left and painted on a new coat.

The yoke controller was a total strip down to bare metal too, new springs, switches fitted and some new artwork.

All PCBs were cleaned, repaired and tested. The harness went through the dishwasher a few times and had all the chewed sections chopped out and repaired.

The cabinet itself was cleaned and the insides sanded until the cat lost interest in it. Then lots of filler, repaired edges, re-routed slots, a new panel in the roof to replace a piece of floor board, and  a new perspex canopy.

Finally rebuilt, looks and plays like new!!

The force is strong with this one.

Sic Transit Gloria Atari

Topic starter Posted : 29/02/2020 9:26 am