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Sega Model 2B no red video output

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I have a model 2B - CRX board thats not displaying a red video out - tests I have done so far:

Various GBS converter boards, CGA to HDMI/VGA/Composite.
Comp board only worked on a 3.5in LCD I have - that would not sync so I couldnt check that well.

2 LCD tvs - both with HDMI & VGA.
1 CRT, with RGB from Sega direct to scart - would not sync - but it seems red was showing.

I`ve disconnected all three wires, for R, G & B from the filter board socket, and tried each wire on each colour pin.

Red in either R,G or B gives no output at all via the HMDI or VGA converters.

Green & Blue in any of the R, G or B ALL give an output - even on red (although in blue or green display)

So I think that the system is outputting all RGB, but the GBS converter boards are now processing the red.
But I cant think why both VGA & HDMI will not display red?

Any ideas ?

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Topic starter Posted : 02/06/2019 12:28 am
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all sorted!

was the gbs converter board..

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Topic starter Posted : 03/06/2019 10:48 pm