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Reinventing old Spectrum BASIC games

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Richard Shepherd released some good adventure games when I was a kid.  Urban Upstart being a favourite (one of the few I completed).  But they also released some awful BASIC-based 'adventure' games. 

Thanks to ZX Preview - - I've been able to extract the BASIC listing from the 'protected' code (*) and present four of them here in this 'ere Dropbox link.

(*) they were saved as the system variables + BASIC listing as a single CODE file, so you had to use LOAD""CODE and you couldn't do a MERGE""

Several sites to choose from:
a) Word Toolbox Add-In - for any power Word user
b) My old hacking stuff of yore
c) Preserving old photographic slides found at car boots!

Topic starter Posted : 25/02/2015 8:23 pm