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[Sticky] Games for sale - Various 8 bit / 3DO / Amiga CD32

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Please note:-
P&P is not included in the prices below.
To order any of the below - send us an email to letting us know which system/games you require - we will then work out the P&P for you.

We have the following games on Cassette supplied in single cassette cases.

Atari 8 Bit - £4 each
Ninja (Entertainment USA) x2
Kickstart (Mastertronic)
Los Angeles SWAT (Entertainment USA)
Despatch Rider (Mastertronic) x4
Henry's House (Mastertronic)
Feud (Bulldog)
Milk Race (Mastertronic) x4
European Countries and Capitals (Atari) x3
Eastern Front (1941) (Atari) x3
An Invitation to Programming (Atari)
Chess (Atari)

Memotech MTX - £4 each
Toado (Continental) x3

MSX - £4 each
Feud (Bulldog)
Finders Keepers (Mastertronic)
Formula 1 Simulator (Mastertronic) x2
Chiller (Mastertronic) x4
Hunchback (Ocean) x2
Speed King (Mastertronic)

Sinclair ZX81 - £10 each
Fantasy Games (Sinclair/Psion)
Flight Simulator (Sinclair/Psion) x3
Games 1 (Sinclair) x3

3DO (Boxes in average condition / shop worn) - £7.50 each
Family Feud (GameTek) x 2

Amiga CD32 - £10 each or 2 for £15
Project X/F17 Challenge x16
Alien Breed Special Edition / Qwak x15

As stated above - P&P for all items above will be calculated and added once we know what you require.

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