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[Sticky] Games for sale - Various - 8 bit / Amiga / ST / Saturn / DS

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Please note:-
P&P is not included in the prices below.
To order any of the below - send us an email to letting us know which system/games you require - we will then work out the P&P for you.

We have the following games on Cassette.

Atari 8 Bit - £4 each (Single Cassette Case)
The Last V8 (M.A.D. Games)
On Cue (M.A.D. Games)
Gun Law (Mastertronic) x2

Commodore C16/+4 - £3 each (Single Cassette Case)
Beach Head (US Gold) - Sealed x12
Master Chess (Mastertronic) x3
Olympiad (Tynesoft) x2
Lunar Docking (Tynesoft) x2
Gun Law (Mastertronic) x2
Formula 1 Simulator (Mastertronic)
Squirm (Mastertronic)
Way of the Exploding Fist (Mastertronic)
Exorcist (Commodore) x2
Crazy Golf (Commodore)
Space Sweep and Invaders (Commodore) x2
Fire Ant (Commodore) x2
Icicle Works (Commodore)
Treasure Island (Commodore)
Number Builder (Commodore) x2
Number Chaser (Commodore) x3

Amstrad CPC - £5 each (Double Cassette Case)
Winter Games (US Gold) x3
They Sold a Million #3 (Various) x2

Acorn BBC Micro - Prices as stated
Knight Lore (Ultimate) x2 - £8 each (missing instructions)
Knight Lore (Ultimate) - £10 (complete)
The Complete Home Entertainment Centre (CDS) - £5
Yie Ar Kung-Fu (Imagine) x2 - £5 each
The Generators (Quicksilva) - £4
Cybertron Mission (Program Power) - £4

The Micro User - Vol 1 No 6 - £3
The MIcro User - Vol 2 No 4 - £3

Acorn Electron - Prices as stated
Thrust (Superior) - £3
Five-A-Side Socca (IJK Software) x2 £3 each
Swoop (Program Power) - £3
Cybertron Mission (Program Power) - £3
Bandits at 3 O'Clock (Program Power) x3 - £3
Ballistix (Superior) x4 - £4 each

Commodore 64 - £10 each)
The Staff of Karnath (Ultimate)

Sinclair ZXSpectrum - Prices as stated
Forth (Sinclair/Artic) - £10
Hurg (Melbourne House) x2 - £5 each
Small Business Accounts(Sinclair/Willden) - £5
Tir Na Nog (Gargoyle Games) - £8
Dun Darach (Gargoyle Games) - £8
Gyron (Firebird) - £8
Platoon (Ocean) x2 - £5 each (missing items - game tape present)
Platoon (Ocean) - £8

Atari ST - £5 each
Protector (Mastertronic)
T-Bird (Mastertronic)

Commodore Amiga - £5 each
Days of Thunder (Mindscape) x3
Arcade Pool (Team 17) x2
Lombard RAC Rally (Hit Squad) x2

Sega Saturn - £5 each
Fifa 97 (EA)

Nintendo DS - £4 each
Brain Training - How old is your brain?
More Brain Training - How old is your brain?

As stated above - P&P for all items above will be calculated and added once we know what you require.

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