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How To Sell Off ALOT of stuff 🙂

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I'm in a bit of a quandary. Over the past 20 years I have collected a bit of stuff, well to put it more accurately a HELL of a lots of machines, consoles and bits including some nice pieces like the Black Acorn Atom and ZX80's etc but it is all literally thrown up in my loft, we are talking a small mountain and I really need to clear it out. Id love to donate it but ultimately it was my rainy day stash and Id like to see a return on it after hoarding for 20 years so I can turn it into something nice for myself and my soon to be wife, although its not raining so at least selling without being forced to sell if get my meaning, I just need space 🙂

I was pondering on having a Shed Party which many of you know is stacked to the hilt with ALOT of arcade machines 🙂 and then having what I would refer to as a Loft Auction.

Basically everyone piles in downstairs, I get someone in the loft and start passing stuff down randomly and a couple of little helpers bring it down and a bunch of people bid on it, price bid is price paid...Could be a long auction LOL but might be fun and I think most you guys n gals would give reasonable bids though bound to be plenty of bargains.

Either that or a couple of REALLY brave local souls to come get in the loft with me and help sort it all out, theres machines scattered everywhere and all the PSU's cables and god knows what elsewhere..ITS A MESS.. but a valuable and treasured mess 🙂 and I can pay in Spectrums 😛

Opinions ? and if I did it..... would you come, I'm at Coalville and Andy knows me well and just how much stuff I've gathered 🙂 Could literally make a day of it.

Topic starter Posted : 20/04/2015 1:01 pm
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Either option sounds like a plan and of course I am local (goes into League of Gentlemen rant) . . . however time is non existent at the moment . . . but would be up for helping . . . if I am free . . .


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Posted : 20/04/2015 5:14 pm
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Happy to help out if needed, only 35mins down the road for me.

Posted : 21/04/2015 1:09 pm
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getting into the loft sound great

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Posted : 24/04/2015 2:13 pm
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Hi, could you possibly give me a list of what you've got console/computer wise (if possible)  😉

Its just like, its just like, a mini, MORT

Posted : 09/05/2015 8:05 pm
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Could I get a list too?  😉
Thanks in advance!

Posted : 13/05/2015 6:44 pm
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I would come and help, but rather than an exact list something like which ages and genres

Always looking for an Analogue Computer

Posted : 26/05/2015 5:10 pm
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did this ever happen?

Posted : 29/05/2016 6:41 pm