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Games ... that I really really tried, but failed to finish!

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I think this might be more interesting that the lists of games we did finish, of all the games we had, most got dropped through boredom, however on every platform there were awesome games that we tried and tried to finish but just never got there. Heres mine...

Jet Set Willy - no real surprise, played it a lot mainly just to explore.
Gunfright - loved the game, still do, but it is insane on later levels, even then it just loops.
New Zealand Story - takes hours to get to the end, my speccy was not used to such uptimes and usually locked up.
Curse of Sherwood - that bloody marshland with its invisible path.
Golden Axe - my second and last full price game (£9.99 seemed insane at the time) and was determined, but the constant reloading of levels kept my attempts short.

Hostile Waters - The last mission always beat me.
Little Big Adventure - Massive game, still have the saves somewhere, may one day get back to it.

inFAMOUS - last level on the first city saps my patience, played for countless hours upto that point.

Ghouls and Ghosts - even with infinite credit it beats me.

Sic Transit Gloria Atari

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Most notible ones for me are all on the Amiga

GODS - got to the last boss twice, but never beat it  :-[
Premier - 6 levels, got to the end of level 5, but each level took longer to complete, so save option, so if you lost all your lives you had to start again from the every beginning, level 5 was taking over an hour on it's own to complete !!
SWIV - managed around 72% on this, became incredible hard as things went on  😮

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The only two games that come to mind, are :

Commodore 64 ::
China Miner and Green Beret - Reason : The crappest collision detection ! EVER !

:: HeadingtonBard ::

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Here's mine...although as a crap gamer, there's sooo many!

C64 - Robocop, still stuck on Level 4 after all these years.

Amiga - Cannon Fodder, Amiga almost went out of the window wth this one. This game has broken me so many times ;D

PC - System Shock 2....but that's only because i got scared and had to switch it off

NES - Mario 3, can't get past the last world

NDS - Super Mario Bros - Stuck on level 8.5 (i think)

SNES - Super Ghouls N Ghosts - I now refuse to play this ;D
SNES - Super Punch Out - The last fighter eludes me.

Dreamcast - Soul Calibre - beating Sophita if in the hands of the mad nurse.

Posted : 05/08/2011 9:50 am
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Joe Blade - I was that close to finishing the game but I always get killed in the end!! Bah!!
Draconus - Quite Tough Game!
Airstrike II - so frustration !


Last Ninja and 2 - I couldnt finished but it is great game!


Cannon Fodder - It is get very hard in the End! FFS!


Thunderforce 4 - Very tough and you need 100% FOCUS to go all the way!


Super Ghoul N Ghost - So tricky to finished it


Ghoul n Ghost - Quite dammm Hard!

PS 3

Devil May Cry 4  - Cant even kill the Dammm Frog Boss as I had to fight and kill those two bitches(which took me half hour!) to make the frog come out!

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