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ZX Spectrum Next - a quick overview

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I received my ZX Spectrum Next (Accelerated version) in the first batch and have been playing with it since.
From day one I knew it was going to be something very special. It is up there with having my first Spectrum, C64 and Amiga - in fact in some ways it is better.
You can tell that a lot of time (hence the lateness of delivery) and love has gone into designing this truly wonderful machine.
Obviously having friends that worked on it helped and I did get the heads up on some details - the new version of basic is easily one of my favourites. It makes it very easy to get stuff on the screen.
The Sprite commands, audio commands (all 9 channels), tile maps etc etc are just revolutionary.  I haven't created anything worth of sharing just yet but if anybody is interested I will share some basic code that is VERY easy to follow - either post on this thread or PM me?
There will be a 2nd Kickstarter and when they announce it I will be posting a link on here.

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