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Helllo from a long time retro system hobby developer

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I've been involved in console/retro computer development since the SNES, Genesis, Gameboy, and Amiga.

I've previously released:
Sporting Clays game, for the PSX, N64, and Saturn.
Frog Feast for several systems.
Various tools and source code for the Neo Geo, Saturn, and various arcade systems.
The encryption toolkit for the 3DO.

My current project is a game for TMS-9918/28/29 based systems. I currently have it running on 10 of the 11 systems listed on Wikipedia, and the Hanimex Pencil II, under emulation. I've also tested on real hardware for eight of the systems, with one more to be tested shortly. The rest of the systems are either  difficult or expensive to obtain.
The eight tested systems are: ColecoVision, MSX, SG-1000/SC-3000, Spectravideo, Tatung Einstein, Texas Instruments TI-99/4a, Tomy Tutor, and Sord M5.
The system to be tested is: CreatiVision.

I have also started a port of the "Battle Vader" Cassette Vision game to the Super Cassette Vision.

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Hello cdoty,

That sounds very interesting. Do you have any plans to release this new game? Also, how are you getting onto the TI99/4a? A flash cart?



Posted : 02/01/2020 7:44 pm