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[Sticky] We did it . . .

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We actually did it - we moved the entire museum and set quite a bit of it back up too . . . in less than two weeks! 😉
Massive thank you to everybody involved in the move . . . we really couldn't have done it without you!
It means a lot to me both personally and professionally to have the continued support of you all - some new faces involved too - which is ALWAYS good.
We will be announcing shortly when our first day of opening will be. Please keep an eye on the forums and of course on our facebook page too.


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Topic starter Posted : 18/01/2016 10:26 pm
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Give me another two weeks and my back may have just about gotten over it.  But apart from aching in places I did not know I had places, I have to admit to feeling very proud of what we have managed to achieve. Although I wasn't always sure we could pull it off.

After the first weekend when so many wonderful people came and helped putting everything in to boxes and taken them to the new building, we had huge mounds of computers, software, books and magazine that seemed to completely fill every room.  At that time we still hadn't moved the Virtual Reality machines or all the systems that were out on display for the public to play with.  I must admit to thinking  we could never find enough space to fit in everything and still have space for all the new features that Andy wanted in the new building.  Yet thanks to a lot of help, and the experience of a couple of veterans of previous moves, by the last Sunday somehow the mess you can see in Andy's Facebook video that he posted on Thursday the 14th has transformed into rooms fit for the public. I don't want to prematurely announce all the exciting new things that make the new building a better place to come and visit compared to our old building, I'll let Andy do that when he's ready, but I promise you, it's definitely going to be worth coming to visit Leicester for.

OK, so we are not quite there yet.  For example the magazine collection still needs sorting and the software room needs more shelves.  You can see Andy's appeal on Facebook for Billy bookcases from Ikea, and come to think of it, a few more Hejne shelves for the storage area wouldn't hurt either.  But, we're getting there and it's looking amazing and really very exciting.

So I would like repeat Andy and say thank you so much to everyone who gave up their time to help, I hate to imagine the state my back would be in now without all the help we had to share the load.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


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Posted : 19/01/2016 1:34 am