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[Sticky] RCM Privacy Policy - GDPR Update

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"Any information collected by the Retro Computer Museum (RCM) via its online presence at the www.retrocomputermuseum.co.uk website will be generally used to communicate with you and improve our services where possible. 

Examples of the data RCM may collect and analyse include your full name, e-mail address, postal address, telephone numbers, Internet Protocol (IP) address(es) used to contact the RCM website, RCM website login and password, date and time of access, and information transmitted via "HTTP headers" (information transmitted via your web browser during a connection to a website), including, but not limited to, browser type and version, your operating system, platform, Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) identifying the site whose link to the RCM website you followed and the site(s) to which you followed from the RCM website.

RCM may, as part of normal process (e.g. server logging, text form entry, etc.) unintentionally collect other information not listed above that may be personally identifying. RCM will not make use of such data or intentionally retain or pass on such data without prior permission from yourself, except where required by applicable law.

We will not sell, distribute or disclose information about you or your personal usage of the RCM website EVER unless required or explicitly permitted to do so by law. RCM may post links to third party websites in the interests of its members, however RCM does not govern the privacy policies of these website, and thus does not accept liability for information collected at such sites and the subsequent use by those sites.

RCM encourages you to keep your personal information up-to-date at your discretion. This can be achieved using the online tools provided at the RCM website where applicable, or by direct communication with an appropriate RCM representative. Such communication will be treated as confidential to the extent of the above privacy policy.

RCM may also make use of Cookie technology to track website usage as part of its online monitoring processes. Cookies are small text files exchanged between your web browser and a website carrying small pieces of information, typically used as a tracking measure. While such cookies may identify you uniquely among visitors, these cookies do not contain any personally identifying information and can not be used to determine personally identifying information within the policies of the RCM website.

Most web browsers will allow cookie usage to be disabled if privacy is a concern. RCM has no objection to you doing so, and in most cases doing so will not affect your experience of the RCM website. In those cases where your experience may be affected, notices shall be present indicating the precise nature of the effect in order that you make your own judgement on the use of cookies.

The information we gather concerning you and/or your activities on the RCM website will be used solely to improve your experience of the RCM website and to send you information on services and events from RCM. By supplying us with any of the personal information described above, you consent to RCM making use of this information in this manner.

RCM reserves the right to amend its privacy policy at any time as circumstances or applicable law requires. You have the right to opt-out of providing your information at any time should you desire to do so including if you so wish deleting your account. You can also opt out by contacting us by using the details provided on the home page of this website."

Topic starter Posted : 08/09/2009 5:29 pm