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Forum Guidelines

You should take this as the terms and conditions for use on the RCM Website and Forums.

Newbie bashing - On most boards there seems to be an ugly tendency to go after people just because they are new. Everyone is welcome here. Nobody is to be victimised and have their experience of the forum spoiled by another user. If this is happening to you, please PM an administrator and/or report the topic that it has occured in (there is a link in each topic to let you do this). We will then look into it for you and take appropriate steps if we deem them necessary. The steps taken are as follows:- First offence - A personal message warning you that you have breached the rules of this forum. Second offence - Another personal message warning you of continued disregard for other people. Third offence is total ban and membership deleted.

Trolling - Don't even bother signing up if it is your intention to post flame bait, we will not tollerate inciteful posts. Let's keep it nice here  Again, if you spot this happening, please report the post or PM an administrator.

Manners - You will notice a lot of posts on the forum that are simply saying "Thanks", good manners cost nothing, please take the time to thank the person that gave you a hand, better still give them some good Karma. People who are generally rude will not fit in here.

Posts - If you use Internet Language such as this - L337 5P34K or ALL IN CAPS your post will be deleted.

Topic titles - please give your topics a meaningful title, you'll get more replies that way.

Advertising your site - You are permitted to have a small link in your signature and if your site is in some way helpful to the community or provides good humour, you can post a link to it in the links forum. Other forms of advertising are frowned upon... If you post a link that does not comply with these guidelines it will probably be removed and you will most likely receive a warning for it.

Signatures - You can have a graphic sig, please don't be silly about it, excessively large sigs in terms of file size and image size will be removed, or re-sized. You will be warned about this.

Avatars - Feel free to link to an off site avatar or upload one to our server, avatars should be 65*65 Maximum, not animated and as small file size as possible so that the board loads fast. Again, abuse will result in you losing your avatar or having it re-sized by an admin.

Uploads - You can attach files to your posts, this is ok and don't feel bad about doing so. Please nothing illegal though! It will be deleted immediately if not sooner (see below). The current file size limit is 250kb per post. Please compress your file with winzip or winrar first!

Illegal content - Things such as Warez, pornographic material, racist or anything that is against UK law, if your avatar, sig, posts or anything you upload contains anything of this nature you will be banned immediately and reported to your ISP and if appropritate to FACT.

External Links - We cannot guarantee the validity of any links or files posted on this message board, although we do our best to try and make sure everything is ok, we accept no responsibility for any damage that may result from and links or files on this message board. Get rich quick schemes and other scams.. Not wanted, find another board to post this sort of stuff.

Leeching bandwidth - If you externally link to images and content on our site, we will know about it, please ask first.

Hacking! - Trying to mess up the whizzy new board.. Please don't try to stretch the tables or mess up the database, it probably can be done but don't ruin it for everyone else.

Off topicness - Please try to stay on topic and it's good manners not to hijack someone elses topic to post your own stuff inside, it's just as easy to create a new topic.

Moderation - The decisions of the Administrators are final and there are several steps that can be taken against users who take the piss. Usually the first measure is a PM warning you of your conduct. As a last resort you may be banned permanently.

Multiple Accounts - Please only register ONE account on this forum, it's very easy to track you if you create multiple accounts, multiple accounts will be removed.

Advertising - Please do not advertise anywhere on our forums unless written (email) consent has been given from one of the Admins - this includes posts and signatures etc - failure to take notice of this will mean posts and signatures can/will be deleted.

That's probably about it but please use your common sense and enjoy the board.

Andy and Linda Spencer

"I could see the faces of those who led pissing themselves laughing" - Funeral Pyre by The Jam

Topic starter Posted : 07/07/2008 6:50 pm